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In his intimate new album, The Native American Flute as Therapy, MICKI FREE offers a healing experience unlike any other, merging his blues-rock sensibility and musical spirituality in a wholly unique way.  Listeners are invited to relax as Free’s sultry voice and Native American flute performances lead them on a meditative sonic path through various stages of healing and release.


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Digital Release October 28, 2016
Physical Release November 11, 2016




Native American Flute As Therapy - Micki FreeIn his intimate new album, The Native American Flute as Therapy, MICKI FREE offers a healing experience unlike any other, merging his blues-rock sensibility and musical spirituality in a wholly unique way.  Listeners are invited to relax as Free’s sultry voice and Native American flute performances lead them on a meditative sonic path through various stages of healing and release.

Wellbeing elements, chakra colors and sound healing are reflected in the song titles, including “White Candle Light”, “The Healing Bath”, “Lavender Kiss”, “The Native American Flute as Therapy”, “Positive Energy”, “Feet & Toes”, “Essential Oils”, “Jasmine Rain”, “Sacred Sage”, “Heart Release (Peregrine Lane)”, and “Down By The River.”


The 2-CD album includes a yoga-perfect  track “Heartbeat Meditation Yoga Mix” and a poignant “Lavender Kiss” tribute to his friend, Prince.  Rock ‘n’ Roll careers can take their toll on musicians, and with his intimate new album, the award-winning artist seems to say “Let’s slow down for a moment, breathe, chill and appreciate one another and ourselves.”

"Let's slow down for a moment, breathe, chill and appreciate
one another and ourselves." 
- Micki Free

Includes 2 CDs / 1 DVD.


Track List:

1.      White Candle Light
2.      The Healing Bath
3.      Lavender Kiss
4.      The Native American Flute As Therapy*
5.      Positive Energy*
6.      Feet & Toes*
7.      Essential Oils
8.      Jasmine Rain
9.      Sacred Sage*
10.    Heart Release (Peregrine Lane)
11.    Down By The River*
12.     BONUS MIX:   Heartbeat Meditation Yoga Mix
All Songs Written, Produced, Arranged and Performed by Micki Free 
(except *otherwise noted); “Down By The River” written by Neil Young. 

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Read the Story Behind The Album - by Micki Free


 Sample Tracks:



mickiRandee300When Micki Free picked up the guitar for the first time as a young teenager after seeing Jimi Hendrix play live in Germany, he set a multi-faceted course with musical destiny that would alternately embrace and conquer the distinct worlds of rock and roll, pop/R&B and – drawing inspiration from his heritage as a mixed blood Cherokee/Comanche - Native American flute music. Over the past four decades, the GRAMMY® Award winner and five-time Native American Music Award winner’s eclectic muse has inspired him to find an artful cultural balance between the rock world and new age music as a renowned guitarist and flutist.

Discovered by Gene Simmons when his Illinois based band Smokehouse opened for KISS, Ted Nugent and REO Speedwagon, Free joined funk-soul group Shalamar in 1984, the year they reached the Top 20 with “Dancing In The Sheets” from the Footloose soundtrack; the following year, they won a Grammy (Best Album of an Original Score Written For a Motion Picture) for “Don’t Get Stopped in Beverly Hills,” from the multi-platinum Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack.

After an eight-year run with Shalamar, Free hooked up with Jean Beauvoir and formed Crown of Thorns, which was managed by Amazing Management (Simmons and fellow KISS member Paul Stanley). Launching his solo career in the early 2000s, he earned recognition from the Native American Music Awards, where he won Top Male Artist (2002) and Pop Rock Artist (2004). In 2002, Free created the Micki Free Electric Blues Experience and also worked with LA & Babyface, Queen's Roger Taylor, Yes guitarist Trevor Rabin, and others.

Over the years, Free has performed and/or recorded with Bill Wyman of The Rolling Stones, Diana Ross (who also managed his career), Janet Jackson, Little Steven Van Zandt (Bruce Springsteen & The E-Street Band), Prince, Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top), Carlos Santana, Cindy Blackman-Santana, Cheap Trick, Sam Moore (Sam & Dave), and many others. In 2004, the Seminole Tribe purchased Hard Rock Café International and invited him to be a worldwide ambassador and Director of Promotions and special events. Free appeared each year from 2007-2010 at the massive Hard Rock Calling Festival in London’s Hyde Park in front of 100,000 fans. 

Free also became known to a younger audience in 2004, when his manner of dress and appearance during the late ’80s (and that of Prince) was parodied by Dave Chappelle in his Chappelle’s Show sketch “Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories: Prince: Uncensored.” The skit is included in many “Top 10 Best” comedy lists, and according to BILLBOARD (4/25/16) it was viewed over 600,000 within days of Prince’s passing, generating new interest in the long-term friendship between Free and Prince.

Currently, Free is focused on a new recording, The Native American Flute as Therapy, set for release on the Mysterium Music label in October 2016. The collection will feature among its spiritually-uplifting song titles “Candle Light,” “Scented Oil,” “Positive Energy” and “Pressure Points.” He recorded “The Lavender Touch” on the day Prince passed away, and renamed it “Lavender Kiss” as a lament for his friend, in the legend’s honor. The album also contains a soulful Native American flute cover of Neil Young's hit "Down by The River" re-mixed by Niko Bolas, long-time producer for Neil Young.

This new project is the latest addition to an instrumental music catalog that includes The Sun Chase, Free’s first love song flute CD written about his trials, hopes and loves through his travels on Native American Flutes; Sedona Free, written about the “sacred spiritual red earth” and Native American ancestors/peoples of Sedona, Arizona; and Comanche, which he dedicated to his family and the Comanche tribe.  

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n a t i v e    a m e r i c a n    f l u t e




Micki Free – ‘Lavender Kiss’
by Skope • October 27, 2016

Micki Free’s “Lavender Kiss” is a mystical journey through space and sound. With crystal clarity the piece tells an unspoken narrative through a vast variety of terrain. Effortlessly merging together elements of classical, folk, with a psychedelic sheen the entire thing radiates with hope and optimism. Over the course of the piece Micki Free shows off an uncanny ear for melody. Pace is the trick throughout the piece as Micki Free lets the song sprawl about, revealing a wide variety of tempos, textures and hooks throughout. By opting for such a sense of discovery the song simply stuns. Such a freewheeling piece the song lingers in the mind long after it is over.

Upon the beginning Micki Free introduces the song with a calm, steady voice leading the way. Once he becomes silent the song starts to truly bloom. Organ, flute, guitar, and a wide variety of other instruments come together to create a satisfying whole. Attention to detail means that every moment positively shimmers. Throughout the piece Micki Free lets the sounds interact in unexpected beautiful ways. Spacious in size the song feels almost cosmic as the elements soar into the sky. Towards the end of the piece various found sounds filter their way into the mix. By doing this Micki Free gives the song a sense of being a living, breathing entity.

“Lavender Kiss” creates a peaceful meditative journey courtesy of Micki Free’s impeccable flawless arrangement.

By Beach Sloth



Contemporary Fusion Reviews
October 29, 2016

Micki Free – THE NATIVE AMERICAN FLUTE AS THERAPY:  It’s genuinely amazing to me that Micki has managed to capture all the vibrant energy that can happen when spoken-word is combined with “natural” instruments like the Native American flute; though I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at all, since his background (in all forms and genres) is so extensive… notably, folks like Bill Wyman, Diana Ross, Janet Jackson, Prince, Carlos Santana and many others; which shows his ability to perform in diverse musical environments… and you will hear that come shining through when you listen to tunes like the wonderful “Lavender Kiss“… not at all what you might think from the title – and his flute will pull emotions out of your heart that you didn’t even remember were there on this piece… perhaps because it was written as a memorial for Micki’s friend Prince! 

Another aspect of this album that is so intriguing is his integration of players like Paul Brown – another artist who we reviewed here, along with his wife April, who also appears on Micki’s album — and fell in love with in the immediate; Brown’s Hammond organ just SHINES on several of the pieces… Micki has woven it right into the very fabric of tunes that you will also relish and absorb with every fiber of your being.  As you listen to his spoken-word on songs like “Positive Energy“, it will be easy for you to realize the truth of his words, and the power of his creativity… if you are able to focus on the more positive things in life, like the beautiful music Micki creates here, you will have little to fear!

During the mid-1990’s, I reviewed several “Native American” CD’s (mostly coming from the Makoche label; many of the albums submitted were in one of two camps… “pure”, or “hybrid”… nothing wrong with either, and nearly all those reviews came out positively… but what Micki has managed to do on NAFAT is to merge musical styles like no other Native American artist I have heard yet (and believe me when I say – I’ve reviewed scores)… as you listen to my personal favorite of the dozen songs offered up for your aural and spiritual pleasure/enlightenment, Micki’s rendition of Neil Young’s “Down By The River“, you will be moved to pursue the dream that we all were after back in those ’60’s years… tears of both joy and sadness will flow as you listen to the magical meld he has woven together for us all… true musical talent, with pacing and high vision like you have never listened to before… simple, yet amazing, music!

It is with total confidence that I proclaim this to be MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, and give it an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of a perfect 5.00… which means, of course, that this gets my “PICK” for “best Native American spoken-word album”.  Get more information about this high-energy player and all his projects on Micki’s site, or on the Mysterium Music label page for the album.  

by Rotcod Zzaj

The SHORT version, as told in my own Micki Free

photo by Kim ManeyI want to thank all the critics/reviewers for the "generous accolades" they are sending forth for my latest CD...but let's go back to the beginning of my journey with these songs. Sedona, late 2005: The Sun Chaser (my first flute cd), a performance in full regalia...a lady asked me if the Native American flute could “cure cancer”...thus it ALL began. I wanted to write a flute CD with "spiritually, therapy, and healing" in mind with my flutes. Most ALL the songs were written around that time period, and the CD title name as well, but things went a different way for me soon after; I started performing and touring as a "blues based rock-guitarist, and the flutes fell silent...well that's what I was anyway...right?!

Time flew by quickly, and I woke up one fateful night in February of the year of our Lord 2016, performing in Detroit at The Filmore as a "celebrity guest" on a benefit appearance along with Brad Whitford of Aerosmith and Derek St. Holmes -- all for guitar legend Dick Wagner -- and had a chance meeting with a very talented Hammond organist named Paul Brown, of the famed band The Water Boys. We connected on a music and spiritual level, as I had decided to perform an "honor song" for those attending the event, the band, the organizers and his wife April Brown, who he explained to me was diagnosed with cancer. I asked Paul to join me on Native American honor drum, but it didn't arrive in time so we used my pow-wow bells say the least it was a "powerful connection" with Paul and everyone attending...perhaps a “bit of magic” one could and did say.We talked about my idea of doing a new flute album, and he told me about a lady named  Trish Bowden and her small label called Mysterium Music, which he thought would be PERFECT for my music, as he had just released a cd called "Elders & Ancestors" on the label. NOTE: his CD and its spiritual healing sounds and energy, would become the "lighting rod" to set in motion my interest to visit his "Ocean Soul" studios in Nashville, TN, where I wanted to cut a few tracks to see if I liked the room.

The rest is history, as they say, and Paul joined me on my journey "through light, healing and love" on Hammond organ and Fender was a ride I will never forget. We recorded a song a day, people, from start to finish, as I had written them all years before, and had them stashed in my "own little vault"...with me performing all basic tracks from vocals, chants, guitars, pow-wow, bells, shakers, deer-toes...all authentic Native American-made instruments.

Brother Paul, as I soon knew him, then "danced and sprinkled" his magic throughout the tracks in a most "mesmerizing manner," recording and mixing the record as we traveled through time and space, along with "purple covered tears" during my emotional flute solos in "Lavender Kiss", dedicated to Prince.  Paul’s energy and skill can be heard throughout the CD, and he also is credited with Co-Producer, as well as co-writer credit on a few songs.

Hey now! short, the magic, blood, sweat and tears is rolled up into my album: The Native American Flute as Therapy...out NOW on Trish Bowden’s Mysterium Music! GET IT NOW!

P.S.  Thank you brother Jamie Burton Chamberlin and Black Dahlia Films for the amazing vids and Neil Young, for your song "Down by The River" which I covered on the CD, and Niko Bolas for the remix..."free your mind and meet me...Down By The River".

Light and love my people...ALWAYS.

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