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Mysterium Music is a unique recording label whose services offer creative production and promotion of musical works of art for healing, relaxation, rejuvenation of the mind, body, spirit and soul.

Mysterium Music arose from a reflective desire to share the resplendent energies and effects of music to souls of the Universe, allowing the heart centered spiritual core of one’s being -­‐ the higher self, the mind, body and subconscious level of an individual to integrate into a soothing place of relaxation and rejuvenation, healing and, ultimately, a peaceful state.  Transformation and Healing of our stressed minds, depleted energies, and ailing bodies is Mysterium Music’s vision and mission. We desire to gradually assist your mind, body and sprit into a gentler place to begin releasing negativity and allow peace and tranquility.

Through collaborations, as with multi-­‐platinum, 11 time Grammy Award nominee pianist/composer Peter Kater, we have found a wonderful partnership in creating and sharing this mission with the world.

He follows his own Muse (a prolific one at that) through a variety of genres. Peter Kater is known and highly respected in the music world for his engineering and producing and composing skills. His attention to detail in every emotion and technical aspect of his musical creations are his gift and are fueled by his love and respect for the natural world. Peter's music for the Healing Arts has become a staple for many practitioners of many Healing modalities and spas across the world.

In just 3 short years as a record label Mysterium Music has been honored with multiple awards in healing/meditation music categories including 3 Grammy Award nominations. Our first album, LIGHT BODY was also awarded Best Relaxation Meditation Album by the Zone Music Radio Awards and was our first collaboration with Peter Kater.

Light Body was originally designed to help Hospice patients and their families.Now it's use has expanded to help treat PTSD, sleep disorders, stress and anxiety as well as a popular massage tool. As we venture on our path, we believe there is a sincere desire and great need for the music we produce and the artists we collaborate with in our ever changing world.  Our 2nd release, ILLUMINATION, (a healing journey), is well received and also a popular tool for   deep meditation and going within. It evokes a great sense of mindfulness.

Our 2015 Grammy nominated, RITUAL brings Peter Kater and world renowned Native American flute Player R. Carlos Nakai together in their first recording in over  ten years. Ritual creates a beautiful Dreamscape flowing from one track to another allowing a rich and soulful exploration of self and universal love. LOVE, Grammy-nominated in 2016, was a very personal album; Peter Kater's first solo piano recording in over a decade.

The ongoing mission of Mysterium Music is to continue working with Peter Kater on projects while expanding our horizons with other gifted artists offering music for massage and yoga, guided meditations, and of course all healing modalities. We are looking forward to several new recordings to be released in 2016.



About Mysterium Music

Earning 4 GRAMMY® nominations in its first four years, Mysterium Music quickly became a leader in the new age genre.  A full-service recording label complete with a recording studio set in the lush Pennsylvania countryside, Mysterium offers creative production and promotion of musical works of art for healing, relaxation, rejuvenation of the mind, body, spirit and soul.

Founded by singer/producer Trisha Bowden, Mysterium Music arose from her desire to create music to bring Transformation and Healing to our stressed minds, depleted energies, and ailing bodies.  The label collaborates with some of the world’s leading musicians to share their mission with the world, including 11x-Grammy nominee Peter Kater, iconic Native American flute player R. Carlos Nakai, and most recently keyboardist Paul Brown (The Waterboys) and his wife, April Brown, recording as Agrelia’s Castle; the duo’s debut album, Elders & Ancestors, is a beautifully soothing album born out of the duo's cancer journey, which is being shared with hospices and healers worldwide. 

Upcoming releases scheduled for Mysterium Music include "The Native American Flute as Therapy" by Micki Free, a Grammy Award-winning and 5x Native American Music Award winning Cherokee/Comanche flutist, as well as ground-breaking new albums by John Joseph Sonia and Paul Lloyd Thomas.

Mysterium Music has been honored with multiple awards including 4 Grammy Award nominations for Light Body, Illumination, Ritual, and Peter Kater’s most recent release, LOVE (2015).  Light Body, Illumination, and Ritual include vocals by Trisha Bowden; Light Body was awarded Best Relaxation Meditation Album by the Zone Music Radio Awards.

The label welcomes inquiries by experienced artists from all genres who have an interest in recording unique healing, relaxing or meditative music.

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