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The SHORT version, as told in my own Micki Free

photo by Kim ManeyI want to thank all the critics/reviewers for the "generous accolades" they are sending forth for my latest CD...but let's go back to the beginning of my journey with these songs. Sedona, late 2005: The Sun Chaser (my first flute cd), a performance in full regalia...a lady asked me if the Native American flute could “cure cancer”...thus it ALL began. I wanted to write a flute CD with "spiritually, therapy, and healing" in mind with my flutes. Most ALL the songs were written around that time period, and the CD title name as well, but things went a different way for me soon after; I started performing and touring as a "blues based rock-guitarist, and the flutes fell silent...well that's what I was anyway...right?!

Time flew by quickly, and I woke up one fateful night in February of the year of our Lord 2016, performing in Detroit at The Filmore as a "celebrity guest" on a benefit appearance along with Brad Whitford of Aerosmith and Derek St. Holmes -- all for guitar legend Dick Wagner -- and had a chance meeting with a very talented Hammond organist named Paul Brown, of the famed band The Water Boys. We connected on a music and spiritual level, as I had decided to perform an "honor song" for those attending the event, the band, the organizers and his wife April Brown, who he explained to me was diagnosed with cancer. I asked Paul to join me on Native American honor drum, but it didn't arrive in time so we used my pow-wow bells say the least it was a "powerful connection" with Paul and everyone attending...perhaps a “bit of magic” one could and did say.We talked about my idea of doing a new flute album, and he told me about a lady named  Trish Bowden and her small label called Mysterium Music, which he thought would be PERFECT for my music, as he had just released a cd called "Elders & Ancestors" on the label. NOTE: his CD and its spiritual healing sounds and energy, would become the "lighting rod" to set in motion my interest to visit his "Ocean Soul" studios in Nashville, TN, where I wanted to cut a few tracks to see if I liked the room.

The rest is history, as they say, and Paul joined me on my journey "through light, healing and love" on Hammond organ and Fender was a ride I will never forget. We recorded a song a day, people, from start to finish, as I had written them all years before, and had them stashed in my "own little vault"...with me performing all basic tracks from vocals, chants, guitars, pow-wow, bells, shakers, deer-toes...all authentic Native American-made instruments.

Brother Paul, as I soon knew him, then "danced and sprinkled" his magic throughout the tracks in a most "mesmerizing manner," recording and mixing the record as we traveled through time and space, along with "purple covered tears" during my emotional flute solos in "Lavender Kiss", dedicated to Prince.  Paul’s energy and skill can be heard throughout the CD, and he also is credited with Co-Producer, as well as co-writer credit on a few songs.

Hey now! short, the magic, blood, sweat and tears is rolled up into my album: The Native American Flute as Therapy...out NOW on Trish Bowden’s Mysterium Music! GET IT NOW!

P.S.  Thank you brother Jamie Burton Chamberlin and Black Dahlia Films for the amazing vids and Neil Young, for your song "Down by The River" which I covered on the CD, and Niko Bolas for the remix..."free your mind and meet me...Down By The River".

Light and love my people...ALWAYS.

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