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Mysterium is welcoming GRAMMY® Award winner Micki Free to the label for the release of his next Native American flute album titled The Native American Flute as Therapy in October 2016.

mickiRandee300The album, incorporating a unique blend of flute, spoken word and instrumentals, promotes relaxation and enlightenment. The collection will feature among its spiritually-uplifting song titles “White Candle Light,” “Scented Oil,” “Positive Energy” and “Pressure Points.” He recorded “The Lavender Touch” on the day Prince passed away, and renamed it “Lavender Kiss” as a soulful lament for his friend, in the legend’s honor.

This new project is the latest addition to an instrumental music catalog that includes The Sun Chase, Free’s first love song flute CD written about his trials, hopes and loves through his travels on Native American Flutes; Sedona Free, written about the “sacred spiritual red earth” and Native American ancestors/peoples of Sedona, Arizona; and Comanche, which he dedicated to his family and the Comanche tribe.

Watch Micki Free's interview on Vlad TV Now! Micki Free spoke exclusively to VladTV and detailed new projects he has in the works, including his new Native American healing flute album on Mysterium Music. He gave a sample of his work by playing DJ Vlad an "honor song" special for the interview.


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